27.3.11: PD Ostrich Showfarm

In the morning, we went to the PD Ostrich Showfarm. It was touted to be one of the main attractions in Port Dickson, but my visit there left me sorely disappointed. There was an entrance fee of RM8.00 per adult and RM6 for children - quite pricey. We bought a cup of maize at RM2 to feed the animals. We arrived there at 9.45 am and were told that the upcoming show would be a monkey show at 11 am.

 There were a variety of animals there. There were not just ostriches. There were goats and their little kids.

S fed the goat with maize by putting some maize on the cover of the "cup". However, the goat decided to munch on the cover as well. I snatched it away from the goat, and in the process got my hands licked by the goat. Yucks!
We passed by the cages where they kept the monkeys. There were about 3 monkeys and all of them were chained from their necks to the cage. They all looked so sad, with round pleading eyes. We saw this little baby monkey moving about. He was the only one not in the cage. 
Feeding the fowls
The ostriches there looked at us, hoping that we would feed them. However, none of us wanted to get our hands pecked and dared not feed them. We saw 2 workers at the ostrich riding area putting blindfolds onto the ostrich. It looked like they were wearing a black sock or glove for the ostrich. It was really pitiful to look at. The ostriches at the ostrich riding area had lost their feathers on their rear. Was it due to the friction from people riding them? We felt even worse after looking at the ostriches there. I wonder what thrill do people get from riding ostriches. 
An iguana
The ostrich egg shell is very hard. 
Ostrich egg incubator
Ostrich skeleton
Feeding chickens. 

Rabbits in the petting zoo
These gaggle of geese walked into their pen on their own. They looked so cute.
We left at 11 am and decided not to see the monkey show. We felt pity for the monkeys performing, as the monkeys that we saw earlier looked so sad. If there wasn't any demand, there won't be any supply and we didn't want to contribute to the monkey's suffering.

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