23.3.11: "Fun with Frogs" Session @ Petrosains

At 2 pm we went into a room for the "Fun with Frogs" session. Gary from Edutree Resources facilitated the session. He brought several frogs with him. I had expected to see larger frogs, but was surprised to see tiny frogs. Those were tree frogs, which were smaller in size compared to the normal frogs. There were a good number of children attending the session there and almost all were homeschoolers. Those children who wanted to touch or pat the frog were asked to go and wash their hands with soap first. Gary also demonstrated the sound that a frog makes.

Showing the life cycle of frogs

Looking through the magnifying glass

At the end of the session, each child who attended the session were given a gift of a small plastic dinosaur and a button badge.  

After that session, we went for a 3D movie inside Petrosains itself, as we had not experienced 3D movie before. All the rest had already gone back. The coordinator catered just for the 4 of us, and we viewed a dinosaur cartoon which lasted around 15 - 20 minutes. Tickets were RM2 per person (the boys got in free) and were given a pair of 3D glasses to view the movie. 

When we returned to the car, it was already 4 pm. I spent RM18.50 for parking at KLCC that day. 

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