22.4.11: Chiang Mai Night Safari

We went to Chiang Mai Night Safari just before dusk. It was our first time in a night safari. I was impressed by how clean and well maintained it is. There were many replicas of animals, making it look like an animal theme park.
Top left: Large animals made from paper. Top right & bottom: Majestic white lion 
Our first encounter with elephants in Chiang Mai. The boys fed them bananas.
Lovely and well maintained animal figurines

We had our dinner and watched the sunset
Getting ready to see the nightlife. There were two tram rides, to see various animals in different zones. Travelling in the tram in the dark, with wild animals around us gave me the feeling as though I was in Jurassic Park (the movie)
Someone managed to stroke this curious giraffe which came right up to our tram
Can you see the giraffe at the front? The visitors fed it bananas.

Hmmm, I wonder why there are more orbs around the elephants than the other other animals.
The giraffe and zebras came right up to our tram
S fell asleep during the second tram ride. We skipped the musical fountain as S was asleep and we had to wait another 20 minutes. We left the place at 9 pm. 

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