23.3.11 - Visit to Petrosains

We went to Petrosains to attend a "Fun with Frogs" session at 2 pm with some friends. We arrived at KLCC at around 11 am and took an early lunch. Then we went into Petrosains. This is our second time there. They boys were excited to sit in the gondola which transported us into Petrosains.

Playing while waiting for their friends. I modified the playing of this puzzle - I mentioned a number and colour and they covered the specified number with a round disc.  
They love looking at miniature cities, houses and even show models of housing developments.
Got his chance to operate the digger
Wondering how come he can't pick up the car. It's actually a holographic image. 
This facilitator showed us how to exercise the left and right brain by switching  hands and doing the same gesture on the other side. Pity my boys weren't interested, and we moved along. 
He likes playing with cars on the ramp. I'm wondering how to explain to him about velocity and speed (physics). 
Waiting for his turn to drive the race car 
Got his turn now. He loves fast cars

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