26.3.11: Tanjung Tuan

We went to the lighthouse at Tanjung Tuan a.k.a. Cape Rachado, Port Dickson with some friends to see raptors, which are birds of prey. It was nearing the end of the annual raptor migration season, so we went there not knowing if we could see any raptors or not.
Entrance to the Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest
We parked in front of Ilham Resort, Port Dickson. Then we entered the Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest. It was around 20-30 minute hike uphill. It was more steep at the beginning part of the hike. We walked up slowly and the boys and their friends made several stops along the way to collect leaves and twigs.

Picking up leaves and twigs

Finally, we saw the lighthouse. There were many monkeys at the bottom of the hill. 
The lighthouse
There was only a narrow walking space in front of the lighthouse, where the public could stand or sit and keep an eye out for raptors.
Playing with their friends
Some of these photography enthusiasts with their large telescopic cameras came all the way from Singapore early that morning. However, they packed up and left around noon disappointed at not being able to see any raptors.  

We had brought our picnic lunch there and ate there. The boys got restless and tired due to the heat and wanted to go back. So we started the trek downhill, leaving our friends up there waiting patiently for the raptors. When we were walking halfway downhill, I received a call that the raptors were passing by overhead. The boys refused to go back up as they said they were tired. We missed it! Ah well, there's always next year.We'll make sure we'll go earlier in the season.

We headed back to our rented apartment in Palm Springs.

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