22.4.11: Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went for a 5D/4N trip to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and my parents came along too. At 4 am on 22 April, we drove to the LCCT airport, with only 3 hours of sleep. Taxi charges was estimated around RM230 as there was an early morning surcharge and we had to hire an MPV or van to accommodate all 6 of us. Thus, we decided to drive there and park at LCCT. Despite the sky high parking rates, it was still cheaper than getting on a taxi.

We arrived at 5.20 am and found the airport bustling with activity. We checked in, got our boarding pass and waited at the waiting area until 6.20 am. Our flight was at 7.00 am, and it was a 2 hour 40 minutes flight.

This was the first time the boys sat in an airplane. They occupied themselves with colouring and watching some videos on the netbook.
Amazing and beautiful cloud formations

We arrive at Chiang Mai airport at around 9 am Chiang Mai time (1 hour later than Malaysian time) and waiting for us was our tour guide, who ushered us into a big van and we were immediately whisked off to visit the Doi Suthep temple.

Doi Suthep is actually the name of the mountain, not the temple. We used the funicular train to go up to the temple instead of walking up the steps. Tickets were 30 baht, one-way.

School students doing some cultural performances

Sounding the drum for good luck

It's a practise for Thais to ring the bells for good luck and blessings


Scooping water to "bathe" (pour on) the Buddha statue for the day you were born. There were different Buddha statues for different days of the week. We had no idea what day we were born, and thus poured randomly.  
Golden stupa. It's called "Chedi" over in Thailand.

We walked back down these 309 steps. The sides resemble a long dragon tail, with the dragon head at the bottom. Some people choose to walk up these steps to the temple, as it is free.   

These 2 kids dressed in their traditional costume, asked for money after we took their picture.
After that, we got into the van and was brought to a hotel (I couldn't remember which) for a buffet lunch. The Thai chilli sauce dip was yummy.

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