11.6.11: World Environment Day Jungle Trekking

We went jungle trekking in conjunction with the World Environment Day in FRIM. There was a guided nature walk and we signed up for the 1 pm session. We walked through the Keruing Trail. We saw a number of animals and insects there.

There was a dragonfly with red wings.
This tree has very unique roots
We took the Keruing Trail
This leaf has a smell like garlic. I kept this leaf and put it in the car and afterwards the car stank of pungent garlic.
This tree is called "Simpuh Gajah" because it looks like an elephant trunk.  
A giant termite's nest that is built on a tree branch 
To find out if it's going to rain, listen to the cicadas. If they are quiet, it's going to rain.

Jigsaw puzzle tree

Walking through the forest
Giant milipede. It's longer than a pen.
Giant tree root
This tree was chopped down several weeks earlier as it was struck by lightning. 
After the walk, we went to the museum nearby and the boys remembered the paper mill they saw there the last time there were there. It was now in a glass case and had buttons for lights. 

After the museum, we went to the Sg. Kroh waterfall. This was our third time there. This time, there was less water and the landscaped seems to change each time we went there. 

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