25.6.11: Komodo Dragon and Reptile Museum

In TMII, we dropped by to visit the Komodo Dragon and Reptile Museum. This was the first time I've seen a Komodo Dragon. We only saw 2 Komodo Dragons there, which was rather disappointing. I thought that there would be more.

It was housed in a building that looked like a gigantic Komodo dragon. 
We walked around the outside of the museum first to have a look at the reptiles. There were snake exhibits outside. There was hardly any signs at the snake enclosures.

Komodo Dragon

Tortoises mating. The tortoise stood there standing with its mouth open for a very long time. S asked, "Why is that tortoise standing?" 
The second Komodo dragon that we saw. Visitors were allowed to go into the enclosure and touch the reptiles for a fee. 
S first observed that E was standing on a 'snake'. E looked rather nervous after that. 
Standing on and looking at the snake's body

This iguana reminds me of Liz in "The Magic School Bus" books. 

Inside the museum, it was dim and stuffy. There were exhibits of many wild animals there. They looked like taxidermy animals. We were the only people there. We went upstairs, and there were more animals, stuffed birds and bats there. The whole place felt eerie and we exited as fast as we could.

Wild boars

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