30.6.11: Making Wall-E

In the evening, the boys asked me to make Wall-E. This project has been long outstanding since end April, when they saw a small model of Wall-E in the Singapore Science Centre. They had been pestering me to make it since then, but kept delaying it. I finallly researched online and printed out samples of Wall-E for reference.

Here's what we used:

  1. Corrugated cardboard
  2. Paper masking tape
  3. Old cardboard box
  4. Cardboard kitchen towel rolls
  5. Cardboard toilet rolls
  6. Hot glue gun 
  7. A bottle of glue (I used white glue)
  8. 2 bottle caps for the eyes. 

Paint glue onto the cardboard box and stick it with another cardboard piece on all sides. (Measure the sides and cut them first, before gluing them to the box).   

Taped the sides with masking tape. Arrange the toilet roll cardboards into a triangle shape and join them together by masking tape / staple them together.Measure the correct length and width to make the caterpillar tracks from corrugated cardboard.
Paint one side of the cardboard with water (make sure it is the correct side)
Peel of the top piece, revealing the corrugated part
Make the eyes in the same way. I used bottle caps for the eye balls. 
Find a tall and thin box for the neck. 
Glue all parts together with hot glue gun.
The whole project took us around 2 hours. (I didn't realise it was that long).
Playing with their new robot. 

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