15.6.11: Tour of McD's Kitchen

Our homeschooling group went for a tour of McD's Kitchen in Sri Damansara. The tour was free, but with the condition that we had to purchase either a Happy Meal or a breakfast set from them. We met up with another group of homeschoolers that had been homeschooling in our area and we didn't know about their existence before this. Their children were older than the children in our group, in their tweens and teens. Looks like there are more and more homeschoolers now, coming to the forefront.

Since there were many participants that morning, the McD facilitator had to divide us into 2 groups. The older children went first. While waiting for them to return, our kids had a blast at the tiny playground and played with each other. Who says homeschool kids have no interaction?

How orders are processed
How to fill drinks
Ice-cream dispenser
All the kids waited with baited breath for a free ice-cream .... to no avail. 
How orders are taken from a drive-in customer
We also peeped into their fridge and store room. I felt that it was an informative tour and we understood better how McD works.

After the briefing, the kids gathered upstairs and were given a colouring page attached  with a voucher for Father's Day.

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