22.6.11: Short stay in Jakarta

We stayed in Aston Rasuna Hotel Jakarta from 22 - 26 June. Before we entered the hotel, our luggage and bags had to be scanned. We also had to walk past a body scanner before entering the hotel. Scanning was enforced at hotels and shopping centres in Jakarta after the Marriot Hotel bombing there in 2009. I found the scanning reassuring.

Aston Rasuna comprised of the apartment block and the hotel block. We stayed in the hotel block on the highest floor, 33rd floor. There were only 2 lifts operating and they were super slow, especially when during peak hours when people got on and off the lift.

The hotel came with gas stove and cooking facilities. There was even a microwave oven, frying pan, ladle, utensils there. The water dispenser was a useful feature. There was cable TV and one channel dedicated to children's network only 24/7 and the boys spent a lot of time glued to the TV. Their compensation, as we don't watch TV at home.
Hotel Exterior

There was also a washing machine (which we didn't use) and a teeny-tiny area for drying clothes beside the washing machine. It was so tiny that the clothes drying rack couldn't be opened if the door to the area was opened.

I was surprised that the cleaners don't provide plastic bags for the bins in the kitchen and toilet. It was filthy and unhygienic as after they empty the bins, they don't wash the bins, which was left with traces of dirty stuff. There were many cleaners employed at the hotel, thus, it shouldn't be difficult to wash these bins, if they didn't want to provide plastic bags. 

The boys played at the playground in the apartment block, as the hotel block didn't have any slides.

We went swimming nearly every day we were there. The water in the swimming pool was freezing cold and after awhile, it was too cold for us. The wind was quite strong as the swimming pool was on the 5th floor. It seemed like many of the Indonesian children staying at the hotel could swim and they swam without floats.

It got dark very early over there. At 6 pm Jakarta time, it was like 7.30 pm Malaysian time. It was bright very early in the morning too. 6 am was as bright as 7.30 am in Malaysia. 


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