22.6.11: Trip to Jakarta

We went on a trip to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. This was the boys second trip on an airplane, the first being Chiang Mai 2 months ago. We went on AirAsia and take-off was delayed by 30 minutes.

These scentless gases' were released inside the airplane. It may be to disinfect germs.  
It was raining when we took off. 
A few seconds later we left rainy KL and we were above the clouds. During some portions of the journey, the turbulence was pretty bad. Nevertheless, the boys weren't worried about the turbulence. 
E coloured and coloured in his activity book, despite the shaky airplane. 
While waiting for people to leave the airplane upon arrival in Jakarta, the boys looked at the ground staff loading bags into the carrier.

We arrived in Jakarta in 2 hours. The moment, I stepped into Jakarta airport, I started sneezing and my eyes felt gritty and dry. Little did I know it was due to the air pollution in the smoggy city. Being allergic to dust, my nose felt itchy and the sneezing continued for the next 3 days. Good thing I had brought along my face mask. 
Waiting for our transport
Traffic jam is a norm there. The Indonesian word for traffic jam is "macet".
I returned to KL with a newfound appreciation of the traffic jam here. 

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