14.7.11: Felda Residence Hot Springs

I drove on and on the narrow tarred road following the signs leading to Sg Klah hot springs, a.k.a. Felda Residence Hot Springs. On my left and right were oil palm plantations. Finally it was 4.20 pm when I reached there. We didn't bring any change of clothes there. Entrance fees were RM10 per adult and RM8 per child. Since we had lots of time and the place only closed at 7 pm, I paid the entrance fees and we went in. The boys played in the warm hot springs water S forgot about his injured knee. I just soaked my feet in and didn't go into the water since I hadn't brought any change of clothes. 

The large hot springs pool
Optical illusion - Looks like his head is detached from his body and floating on the water.
At the reflexology foot path which was flowing with warm hot springs water
E is asking about the signs
In front of the cool mountain springs pool

The boys collected small coconuts that had fallen onto the ground
We walked on the boardwalk on the way to the exit. 
We passed by this stream which was emitting steam
One can also sit here and bask in the natural sauna

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