25.6.11: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta

I booked a car and driver to bring us to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). It was quite hazy during the time we were in Jakarta and it was still hazy in TMII although it was located away from the city. In my photos, I could see the haze in the background. We didn't see any clouds during the 5 days we were there. The sky was just grey. It felt depressing to live in a hazy atmosphere with grey skies daily where we can't see the clouds nor the blue sky.

TMII was a large place, and I was glad I took some friends' advice to book a car beforehand. Rental was Rp550,000 (RM200) for 12 hours inclusive of driver. It was quite pricey and we didn't use all 12 hours. At the main entrance, we had to pay entrance fee of Rp.10,000 for the car's entry.

There were many showhouses of various states in Indonesia. They were quite far from one another and it would have been challenging to walk the whole circuit. It was slightly different from Taman Mini Malaysia, where the houses are located near to each other and within walking distance. TMII also had a train and monorail for visitors, (all chargeable). With a car, we were able to stop right in front of each venue and get inside. There were also many museums there and for each, we had to pay an entrance fee. Why can't they just collect the fee just once and relive the visitors from paying at each venue. The details of the ticket fees can be found in TMII's website here.
Train carriages that looked like a bus. They were pulled by a "locomotive" at the front. 

Some of the houses in each Indonesian state

I was told that this was a lake showing islands in Indonesia, (similar to a map) that can be seen if you are up above (from a bird's eye point of view).   

We stopped to visit the Indonesian Children's Castle. We had to pay an entrance fee of Rp.5000 per person. Those rabbits in red called us to come and take pictures with them. After snapping pictures with them, we wanted to walk away. Then a rabbit opened his pouch and gestured with his fingers pointing into his pouch, that was sewn on his costume.and said something. We didn't understand what he said. Then he took hold of our driver's hand and said, "money, money" pointing to his large pouch. They wanted money for taking pictures with them. So, this is the culture over here. We passed each rabbit some notes, and they put it in their big pouch (so, that's what it was for). I felt disgusted with the rabbits, or rather, the people in them.  

The castle looked majestic from outside, but there was nothing much to see inside the building - just some exhibits in glass windows. These wayang kulit dolls were displayed inside the building. 

There was also a train and a childrens playground there. The playground equipment were quite old and ill-maintained. 
A train going around the area inside the Indonesian Children's Castle.

After that, we went to check out the other houses and buildings in TMII.
The stupa of a Buddhist temple inside TMII. There was also a church and a mosque in TMII. 
I believe this is a Hindu temple
A Chinese temple

This is the upstairs of a Nusa Tenggara house. The floor was very dusty and the soles of our feet turned black.  
The elaborate designs on the walls are beautiful 

On the whole, I felt that the whole place was slightly run down, dusty and some of the things ill-maintained. I wanted to spend the whole day in TMII, but we left after half a day, as the boys were getting restless and wanted to go back.  Furthermore, the hot and hazy atmosphere made it unattractive to spend more time there.We also made a visit to the Komodo Dragon and Reptile Museum and Bird Park inside TMII. (check out my next post).  


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