25.6.11: Bird Park, TMII Jakarta

We also dropped by the Bird Park in TMII. It was a huge place inside TMII.  The boys were hungry and wanted to eat some cookies. I asked the boys to eat first before going inside the dome aviary in case the birds wanted a bite.

This large bird below was hanging around near us. I was worried if it would come to the boys for cookies. However, it wasn't interested in our cookies though. It wasn't a cookie eater.

After that, we entered the dome aviary. There weren't many birds. We saw an owl and a peacock which wouldn't open it's feathers. The boys kept asking the peacock to show them its feathers, but it just ignored them. Then later, they saw another peacock, which opened it's feathers, but the poor thing - its feathers were balding. I wonder what happened. Did people pluck them? 

E was more interested to jump inside this pile of cut leaves and grass. 

The cat looks tiny in comparison to those 'gigantic' birds.
Balancing easily
We saw this bee hive up on a tree
2 black swans 
Collecting feathers


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