30.6.11: Lab activity at PSN

Our HS group had a lab activity at Pusat Sains Negara. It was the boys second time in a science lab. We learnt about heat transfer and conductor / non-conductor materials. The session was conducted by interns from a local university who were doing a degree in  Science. 

Activity 1: Learning about conductor and non-conductor materials
Showing how to set up the electrical circuit.
Assembling the parts.
Attaching the wires.
How the completed board looks like.
Conductor and non-conductor plates to be tested.
Insert the plate into the circuit. If it's a conductor, the bulb will light up.
Writing their findings.
Testing another plate.
The bulb lights up! It's a conductor!
Activity 2: To test the conductivity of materials
3 rods - glass, iron and copper. Affix a plasticine ball at the end of each rod.
Light up a bunsen burner and heat up the end of the rods. Wait and see which plasticine falls first. 

Outcome: The plasticine at the end of the copper rod fell first. Hence, the copper rod is a good conductor. 

The session ended in less than an hour. It was a good exposure for all the children and we look forward to attending more sessions in the future. 
Collecting their button badges at the end of the session.

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  1. Hi Selina,
    Can you share with me how to get get my kids participate this kind of interactive workshop/experiment in PSN. We went to PSN last time and ask them if they have experiment sort of activities that the kids can have hands-on experience, but the info counter says they don't have such and told us visitors are to try the interactive panel in themselves. We were disappointed.


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