23.10.11 - Edison Explorers Invention Convention

We visited the Edison Explorer Invention Convention which was held at the Women’s Institute of Management in TTDI. It was an invention contest for the students of Edison Explorer. 

We saw many children with their inventions - games which comprised of at least one simple machine. The games were quite impressive. For a moment, I thought I was in another country, as I have never seen such a programme before. For more info on their programme, please contact Edison Enterprises. Edison Enterprises is founded by Amy Delph whom I just got acquainted with at a recent camping trip.
The boys and their friend, Adrian who was demonstrating his invention
Fishing game
E tried some games. He was brave and just winged it. S on the other hand was afraid of failure, after he tried one game and didn't win (whereas his younger brother won) and he dared not attempt again.   
Rolling the car on a slope into the target
This marble roll game was invented by the girl sitting beside E, who demonstrated how to play. My boys loved this game.

As we were walking back to the car, S said, “Mummy, now we don’t have to buy games. We can make our own games.”

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