16.11.11 - Ice skating

I had bought tickets for ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid at RM9 per person (promotional rate) from a coupon site - Everyday.com.my. After I bought the tickets and told the boys about it, they didn't want to go. They had the impression that the ice-skating rink was a frozen pond and that the ice might break and that they would fall inside (too much storybooks). I did some "reprogramming" and showed them some toddlers ice-skating on youtube. There were some 2 year olds who could skate by pushing and holding onto a special bar that could help them balance. (Pity they don't have such bars here).
Outside the skating rink
In the morning of 16 Nov, we went for ice-skating. It was the first time for all of us. What an experience! I didn't know it was that challenging. I thought it was easy to skate. It looked so easy watching the others skate. There was even a little girl, around 8 years old, skating beautifully.

I also didn’t know that we could bring in bring our bags with water, food, etc. into the waiting area. I also noticed some people leave their belongings on the benches there, without renting locker, if there's nothing valuable. 

It was compulsory for us to bring in our own gloves and socks. I accidentally left behind a glove for E at home, while packing, and had to purchase another set for RM8 at the skating rink itself. 
Measuring the foot for skate size
He can balance on the rubber floor
E wore his skates, but he couldn’t balance properly and didn’t want to go into the rink. 

S went into the rink with Daddy. It was also tough for Daddy to skate holding S’ hand. I went in later on my own. Boy, was it stressful for the muscles in my knees! My right toes were also painful from the tight and ill-fitting skate shoe.Our ticket was a 1-time entry only, so once we exited, we couldn’t get back in. As we didn’t bring any food and water and the boys got hungry, we left early. Well, at least we did experience ice-skating. 

As I was doing further research on ice skating for toddlers, I found out that there is such a thing as Baby Skates from this website here. It is engineered and designed specifically for toddlers and smaller children. From the photos, I noticed that there are 2 metal stripes at the bottom of the skates to enable the children to balance. Such a simple solution. Even S said that he couldn't balance properly with a metal bar under his skate and that he needed to have 2. Now, why don't they have that over here? I guess it must be pretty pricey. 

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