15.10.11 - KL Bird Park

At around 9.45 am, we reached the KL Bird Park. We had earlier on bought tickets from Matta Fair at a 50% discount - RM10 per adult and RM5 per child, which was a good deal.
The boys bought fish and bird food for RM2 through a dispenser. They were in pellet form. The pellets were kept in a plastic bag inside an oval plastic capsule.

Feeding the lories was the most interesting.  For RM2, we could either buy the sunflower seeds or the milk for the lories. We bought milk instead. The moment hubby held the container of milk, the birds came and hopped onto him, licking the milk from the container. The bird's tongue was black. The boys didn’t want to hold the container. After I took hold of the milk container, the birds hopped onto me. A bird even stood on my shoulder and kept nibbling at my ear. The were making very loud noises which were quite painful to the ears.

The litter bin in a shape of a pelican
Various types of bird eggs
A little chick recently hatched
Since the chicks and ducklings were kept side by side, we could observe the difference between them. After that a group of schoolchildren came in and held the chicks and ducklings. The poor animals looked distressed after that. It got me pondering - should we allow people to touch and hold them at all? We were also guilty of the deed.
Feeding the japanese koi fishes

The pelican (right) looks large and intimidating. I heard from a friend's that her son's face got pecked by a pelican at the KL Bird Park. It would be prudent to beware of the pelican. 
We ate our packed lunch at a secluded rest area. A peacock came up to us and displayed its beautiful tail feathers to us. We were privileged to have been able to view the peacock who spent some time displaying its tail feathers to us. Later on, other people noticed it and came over to take pictures. 

These waterbirds looked like scarecrows - They were standing in this position for a long time. Weren't their wings tired?

Another peacock displaying its tail feathers
We went for the bird show at 12.30 pm. The sun was scorching hot and we all sat perspiring under the sun to watch the show. 

It was amazing to watch the Brahminy kite bird following instructions. I wonder how they trained it and how long the training took.

We left at 1 pm. The boys were tired out and slept in the car on the way home. 

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