9.11.11 - Menjalara Park and Playground

We went to the playground at Manjalara Park. The boys were getting antsy and I thought some outdoor play in the sun would be helpful for them. Usually the sun’s rays would somehow regulate their bodies and they are calmer after that.

Bottom left: They pretended the exercise bar was a large gun or cannon. Bottom right: Playing 'land or sea' jumping game.

Having their breakfast by the lake.
The fountain and waterfall at the lake was operating and it was nice listening to the sound of the water falling. However, the lake was quite smelly and the water was greenish brown. I only saw one tortoise in the pond. It would be a good place for the boys to come and do some outdoor painting (painting on-site) but I found the smelly lake quite disconcerting. I wanted to walk around the lake, but S didn’t want to. Finally, we just went back to the playground and exercise area. 

After that, we went shopping at Tesco Kepong. 

Pushing the children cart 

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