22.11.11 - Robotic Festival at PSN

We went to the Robotic Festival at Pusat Sains Negara. We had signed up for the "Fun with Ollo" workshop at 11.00 am.

We joined in some activities at the second floor before the workshop started. The boys joined in the activity to make robots from beaded clay. The clay were of various colours and could stick onto the PVC plastic. The boys didn't want to do much as they claimed that the clay was sticky and I had to complete it for them.
Robots from beaded clay
Making cardboard robot

"Fun with Ollo" workshop
It was quite challenging to make the Ollo robot because the parts were tiny and the drawings on the instruction manual was also quite small. I had to help the boys make the robot. 
We had to use a special device to put in the connector  to join 2 parts together or to pull it out 
The basic Ollo kit (the one that we used) was sold at RM150. It is made in Korea. I decided not to purchase it as the boys were still too young and the parts were too small for them to handle properly. I found it quite challenging to fix the parts as the connector part kept slipping or detaching itself. My hands were cold (from the air-cond), numb and painful at the end of the workshop.
Mesmerised by the moving robot

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