20.11.11 - Waterfall in FRIM

We had initially planned to go outstation but changed our plans and decided to stay back. We went to Sg. Kroh waterfall in FRIM and met up with a new friend and her two young children. Although it was the school holidays, the number of people there weren't too many and we still had a lot of space to ourselves. 
Playing with a float from empty mineral water bottles.
The boys decided to make a dam across the water. They went ahead to gather small rocks to put across the water. At first S took the rocks by hand. He said he could carry 4 rocks, 2 in each hand. Then he later had the idea to put the rocks in his bucket, and could carry more. The bucket was heavy but the carried it themselves. It was hard physical work, but they didn't complain and enjoyed the process.

Bottom right: Very proud of their completed dam. 
The landscape changes each visit.

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