10.11.11 - Art & craft activities

We did the following art and craft activities over 3 days in Trolak.

Painting seeds and pine cones and leaf printing. 
Hand printing
Observation drawing by S: Drawing and colouring a small coconut
Observation drawing by E: Drawing seeds and leaves that they had collected
Making collage
Drawing sea creatures from stencils
Pasting a leaf and bougainvillea flower
Drawing a pufferfish
Outlining sea creatures that mummy has drawn.
Outlining and colouring and pasting by E. Drawn by mummy.
Outlining and colouring and pasting by S. Drawn by mummy.
I drew the large blue whale and S outlined it. The rest of the fish, he drew on his own by looking at a book  on sea creatures cartoon drawings. 

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