11.11.11 - Visit to Felda Residence Hot Springs

There really isn't much to do in Trolak, so we made our way to the Felda Residence Hot Springs again. This is our fourth time here within 3 months and we were surprised to learn about the changes after new management takeover (from 1.11.11). 

Our observations: 
1) The entrance fee was increased (by adding a formerly optional tram ride) 

2) Strict enforcement of no outside food and drinks by overzealous auxiliary police. At the turnstile entrance, there were 2 intimidating auxiliary policemen wearing their dark blue uniform, dark glasses and carrying guns. They tried to intimidate the senior citizen couple in front of us that they couldn't bring in outside food by shouting rudely at them. Visitors bags had to be inspected to see if they brought any outside food before entering. We weren't affected, but I felt sorry for the group of senior citizens who were shouted at by 2 auxiliary policemen. The old man said that he won't visit the place anymore.

On hindsight, I was amused at the irony of things - in Jakarta's hotels and malls, bags had to be inspected to see if they contained bombs, weapons, etc. Over in an obscure place in the countryside of Trolak in Perak, bags had to be inspected to see if they contained outside food and water. 

3) The various pools of water (hot springs) and the cold mountain springs pool were filled with dead insects.

I have been promoting this 'little known' place to my friends (many of them have never heard about it). However, we find that it is no longer an attractive place to visit, based on our latest experience here. What a shame!

New increased rates
The RM12 fee now comes with a 'free' 100-metre tram ride. In the past, the tram ride was optional and costs RM2 per adult and RM1 per child. Not worth for just 100 metres. No wonder it was left unused earlier on.
It was disconcerting to soak in the murky pool water with numerous dead insects, so we decided to do some community service by cleaning it up. 
Some of the dead insects we collected. Walking through the large mountain springs pool, I lost count at 30 insects. There were also insects in the other hot spring pools.
Cleaning up the mountain springs pool of the numerous dead insects.
Fancy a bite?
There used to be water flowing through the whole of the reflexology footpath. Now it's dry. 
We bought these eggs (RM2 for 5 eggs) and he wanted to put it in the boiling water by himself, which I disallowed. 
A woman did manage to bring in these sweet potatoes. She finally got her way through the auxiliary police.
Improvement: There's food for sale in front of the egg boiling area. Previously it was empty and wasn't manned when visitors wanted to buy eggs to boil - they were instead asked to go to their cafe to buy the eggs. I bought a packet of nasi lemak there (RM2) but it was bland. The sambal was dark brown and tasteless.  
The boys did some crayon bark rubbings on the tree
Cocoa seed

When we got back, the boys tried their hands at peeling the remaining hard boiled eggs.

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