30.10.11 - Pinhole camera workshop

We joined the pinhole camera workshop which was held in conjunction with the Eco Film Fest at University Malaya. It started at 11.00 am and we finished by 1.00 pm.

The children were shown powerpoint slides on the science behind pinhole cameras

Daddy did the cutting
Gluing the tracing paper onto the frame
Cutting out the tracing paper
Leaving the pinhole cameras to dry
The kids had to look through the pinhole camera through the small hole darkened by a dark cloth
We were also shown how to make pinhole cameras from pringles can or cardboard boxes. It’s just for fun sake, as it can’t take pictures. 

After the workshop, we went to visit the booths at the Eco Film Fest. There was this large snake and ladders game that E wanted to play with under the scorching afternoon sun.

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