14.11.11 - Caterpillar and snail

We found in a small green caterpillar in some bayam vegetables bought at Tesco. I was debating whether to let it go or keep and study it. I thought that it would be safer if I kept it and fed it.
Letting it crawl while  I searched for a container to keep it. 
E bravely touched the caterpillar

We also found a small snail in the 'siew pak choy' vege bought at Tesco and released it under a tree. I wonder, does this mean that the vegetables have less pesticide? A friend affirmed that she heard about the "less pesticide" rumour in the market because pesticides are very, very expensive nowadays.

I put the caterpillar in an old cookie container and covered the lid with an old pantyhose that was tied loosely around the top of the container (air could come in and I didn't have any other netting). 

The next morning, we gave it new bayam leaf and the container had some poo. However, in the evening, we found that the caterpillar had died. It was attacked by many small black ants. This is our first time taking care of a caterpillar and we learned that we must also beware of ants, which are dangerous to caterpillar. 

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