8.10.11 - Camping @ Putrajaya Wetlands

We went camping overnight at Putrajaya Wetlands with some friends. This was the boys first time sleeping in a tent and our first time camping as a family. The signage to Putrajaya Wetlands (after Taman Botani Putrajaya) was misleading and we ended up driving around the large lake for 3 times and spent around 35 minutes lost in Putrajaya. The 2 signboards stating "Pusat Rekreasi Air Taman Wetlands" and "Taman Wetlands" do not lead to the Taman Wetlands itself. Imagine that! A few of us got lost as well.

Camping fees: RM20 per head (20 pax or more)
                      RM25 per head (less than 20 pax)
                      Fee for children 6 years old and below
Tent rental: 2 man tent = RM10
                  4 man tent = RM15
The fee is for 72 hours stay (3 days)

My camera strap broke while I was entering the toilet and my camera fell with a loud crash to the tiled floor and wouldn't work after that. The photos posted here are from my friends' cameras.

The toilet and bathroom facilities were very good. There was even a kitchen with tables, chairs and plug points. Campfire is allowed, so at night, some of us cooked our dinner over the fire.

The campsite
 The children went exploring

Toilet and bathroom facilities were very good

It was very humid and we kept perspiring. I took a shower at 11.00 pm and it felt really good. The air only got cool at 11.30 pm. It was nice to sleep outdoors and breathe the clean and cool fresh air at night. 

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