14.11.11 - Coloring cars

After a long lapse, the boys decided that they want to do some colouring and asked me to go online to locate some colouring pages on cars. They chose their own picture and started colouring with colour pencils.

 I had read that it is not advisable to give young children colouring books. However, I don't encourage too much, but neither do I discourage them from doing colouring. It all has its own benefit if done properly. Colouring helps them to sit down and focus on something until completion. Well, sometimes they complete it, and sometimes they don't as they get distracted with something else. I was amazed to see E sitting down and completing his colouring work. I basically give them a free hand to do the colouring and am mindful not to comment that they must colour inside the line.

Coloured by S (5 years, 2 months). 

Coloured by E, (3 years, 7 months). That's the yellow sun and the sky. There's even shadow under the car. 

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