18.11.11 - Educational CDs from Popular Warehouse Sale

I got the following CDs from the Popular Bookstore Warehouse Sale which is currently on at The Summit shopping centre until 28 November 2011. I found the children's books still expensive in comparison to Big Bad Wolf book sale. Thus, I only bought CDs from the Popular Warehouse Sale. The CDs were RM16 for 3 CDs (many varieties). On their yellow price label, the CDs were priced at RM6.90. But when I peeled the outer plastic wrapper, the inside price stated RM12.90 on the "Magic School Bus" CD and RM15.90 on the "Way Things Work" CD. Nearly 3 times the sale price.

The cashiers, being new, charged me the price that is printed on the yellow tag (before discount), although I told them about the promotional price of RM16 for 3 CDs. I nearly gave them my credit card, but fortunately, I was alert, having had the experience of being billed wrongly in a previous Popular Book fair sale. I told them (again) about the promotional price and that they had billed me wrongly. I believe that some others might not have noticed that they got billed wrongly. I had to wait around 20 minutes for them to rectify their mistake.
"The Way Things Work" CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs. RM32 per set of 6. I had been looking out for this set for a long time. 
Numberjack CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs
Magic School Bus CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs
Magic School Bus CDs (RM29.90 for this set of 5 CDs)
The CDs inside that set of 5
Other CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs

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