13.11.11 - Lego engineering workshop

I had bought vouchers for a 50% off for trial class at Children's Technology Workshop at Bangsar Village II from MilkaDeal. My boys were very excited to attend this class. The children were given a diagram to refer to, in order to make the items.
E made these see-saw and merry-go-round with Lego Duplo. 
Made from gears
S made this car and windmill with Lego Duplo. It was quite simple for him, so the facilitator asked him to  try out Lego Technic. He is able to read and follow instructions on diagrams easily. 
He also made a chair, with an adjustable back using Lego Technic. 
The children were given around 30 minutes to play learning games on the computer.

My boys enjoyed the class so much that they didn't want to go back. This is one class that they are motivated to attend.

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