1.11.11 Art Expo at Matrade

We went to the Art Expo at Matrade on its last day. My boys had just read about “Babar’s Art Gallery” which we borrowed from the National Library and were excited to visit an art gallery. Parking at Matrade was RM5 per entry per car. Entrance to the Art Expo was free. We were not allowed to take any photos inside the expo.

It was an interesting exhibition though and my kids loved to look at the artwork in the art gallery. They were most fascinated by pictures and sculptures of the Bucket Men – small men which had black buckets on their heads and strange looking sculptures.

Later on, a group of schoolchildren from an international primary school came along and started interviewing the artists / exhibitors. We spent less than an hour there and went off as my boys got restless and wanted to go for lunch.

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