4.10.11 - Planetarium Negara

After a span of 6 months, we went to Planetarium Negara again, to check if there was anything new. The boys and I love space exploration have read many books and watched videos on it. This week was World Space Week and I had expected some events planned out. When I checked Planetarium Negara's website a day earlier, there was only a statement that they may be events carried out in conjunction with World Space Week. However, when I went there, there wasn't anything new nor any event during that week. It was exactly the same as the time we went in April.

I later found out that some events were held on 15 - 16 Oct, and I missed them. The problem is, Planetarium Negara doesn't send out emails regarding these events and I have to keep visiting their website for latest updates. It doesn't take much effort to keep in touch with members of the public by publishing updates on events on social networking sites such as Facebook, or to their mailing list, but they don't seem to be doing that. How can we nurture the children's interest in space exploration if members of the public aren't aware?
Mars rover

Vertical sleeping bag
Toilet bowl
Grabbing a toy using a glove - how it feel like to grab something whilst wearing a spacesuit / glove. 
Inside the capsule

We also bought tickets to watch Solar Storm at 11.00 am. It was not an interesting show at all - I can't even remember what they were talking about. I preferred the show at 12 pm - "Dawn of the Space Age" which we watched when we were there in April. It was very touching learning about the close shaves the astronauts went through. However, I'm disappointed that Planetarium Negara doesn't have new shows. It's been 1.5 years since I first visited Planetarium Negara and the shows remain the same.

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