28.11.11 - Drawing a house, elephant and frog

Artwork by E: 3 years 7 months

E drew what he called a "Double storey house" to reflect where he lived in. Inside the house, there was a clock, a lamp, paintings on the wall, the kitchen with a frying pan, tables and chairs and bed. "There are flowers in the garden, which is far away," he asserted.

He drew these 2 elephants from observation. He looked at his tiny toy plastic elephant and drew it. For places that he wasn't sure how, I taught him to take his index finger, and trace around (outline) the plastic elephant. Then he drew the shape on the paper. Whenever he was unsure, he would trace his finger around the object. 

Can you guess what this is? It is an uncompleted frog from the front angle.  It certainly isn't easy to draw a frog. I tried to draw one myself but it turned out funny. 

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