10.2.11: National Science Centre - Butterfly Garden

We walked through a side door in the Nature Secrets Lab and emerged into a Butterfly Garden. There were many butterflies here, all very tame. There were many Rajah Brooke butterflies on the floor, and I wondered why they were on the floor. Were they dead?

The National Science Centre staff told us that butterflies can only live for around 14 days. They are caterpillar for 10 - 14 days, then in the pupae for 14 days, and butterflies for 14 days. Thus, their lifespan is very short.

Top left and right: The Rajah Brooke butterfly 

The boys were very happy to have butterflies on their hands. The butterflies here were more tame than the Butterfly Garden and Reptile Sanctuary in Melaka. 

There were other animals in their respective enclosures , such as rabbits, birds, tortoise, guinea pigs, etc. 

The butterfly garden
Beautiful lotuses in the pond

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