10.2.11: National Science Centre - Nature Secrets Lab

At the middle level near the outdoor playground of the National Science Centre, we came across the Nature Secrets Lab. It was hidden from view and not many people knew about it. I curiously peeped inside and asked the 2 National Science Centre staff what this place was.

There were no visitors here, only us, and they proceeded to show us some of the experiments and the insects there. I heard later that experiments are only conducted at around 10.30 am daily. We were lucky to be here at the correct time.
The Nature Secrets Lab
The boys were looking at the butterflies through the magnifying glass
An experiment to test whether plants 'drink' water. A white flower is cut and put into a test tube filled with blue food colouring. S sat on a high stool and watching the experiment. I was afraid that he might fall down the stool, as it was quite high. 

Middle flower: After half an hour, the white flower has a blue tinge.

We also looked through the microscope to see the stomatas in the leaves. 

S is looking at the pupas in the pupae emerging case. There is even a shiny gold coloured pupae. Interesting!
The staff there also showed us other insects such as the horned bettle (below), spiders . Some beetles had 2, 3 or 5 horns. We also saw a tarantula, crickets, caterpillars and butterflies.  

The horned beetle is given jelly to eat.
Tarantula. The staff stressed that it is not a spider. 
Our experiment after 24 hours. Conclusion: Plants 'drink' water.

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