27.2.11: Pangkor beach

We stayed at Budget Beach Resort at Nipah Bay. Except for some stubborn red ants in front of our room (that stubbornly stayed there, despite several times of sweeping), it was a clean and pleasant place to stay. I would not hesitate to recommend it for budget travellers and the service was good. We booked a family room which could accommodate 4 beds and there was even space to add one or two more beds.

In the evening, we walked out to Nipah Bay. However, there was renovation going on right on the beach front. I think they were making stalls for traders. It wasn’t a nice sight. My dad thinks that the seawater would be more polluted once these stalls are up and going. The water is currently clean and unpolluted.

Then we walked to Coral Bay which was supposed to be a 5 - 10 minute walk. It seem to take longer for us as we had to walk slowly with our children. The sand was nice and fine.

At Coral Bay, we took out their digging toys. E lost a small purple spade in the sand and despite searching for it, we couldn’t find it. The water was clean and clear and the sand was nice and fine at the bottom. It was quite suitable for young children, as the sand was soft. Unlike Manukan Island in Sabah where the sand at the bottom was filled with corals and was painful to walk with bare feet.

I thought that E would be afraid of water, as he had been in the past, but I was wrong. One year ago, when I brought him swimming at a hotel pool in Melaka, he was afraid to enter and only dipped his toe. Now, he wore his swim vest and bravely entered the water, laughing all the way. He loved the water. He said, “Mummy, I am not scared anymore”.

We waited to watch the sunset, as my dad wanted to catch the sunset on his DSLR. 
Sunset photos on the right

At night, we walked out and ate at a restaurant nearby. We ordered fried rice for S.  

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