13.2.11: Talk at Nalanda Buddhist Society

Hubby was invited to give a talk a Nalanda Buddhist Society for the public, after their Sunday service. The topic was "How to Love our Children the right way". Nalanda Buddhist Society is a beautiful place in Sri Kembangan, Serdang.

We started with the puja in which chanting was done in Pali language. S can now sit through the puja, whereas E was quite restless. S turned the page of the puja book for me whenever we have completed each page.

The Buddha image is so serene

The boys sat in the library doing their drawing and colouring, whilst Daddy was downstairs in the hall giving the talk. 

I read this children's Dhamma book entitled "Buddhism - Key Stage 1" for the boys, not knowing if they would understand it.. It is for children age 5 - 7 years old and published by the Buddhist Education Foundation in UK. The soft copy of the book can be downloaded by clicking here

I was quite pleased when the next day, S told his auntie that he read in the book at the temple, "Do not be greedy". It did plant some seeds after all.  

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