27.2.11: Taman Paya Bakau Lumut (Lumut Mangrove Garden)

After lunch we left to Lumut. The only guide was our GPS, as I had forgotten to bring along the map of Perak. 

We were surprised that despite passing by some paddy fields along the way, we did not see any cows or other animals there. We passed many kampung houses, and only saw a cat. No chickens, no ducks, no cows, no goats, buffaloes, nothing. In fact, a cat was the only animal that we saw along the way. How technology has transformed us. Oh yes, I did see some machines - tractors to plough the fields.

In an hour’s time, we arrived at Taman Paya Bakau, Lumut (Lumut Mangrove Garden).

This is the first time, I've ever been to a mangrove swamp, and I just love the place. I found it to be a nice and serene place. It was cooling with many mangrove trees. There were many monkeys there. 

There were wooden walkways built with long-lasting timber, for visitors to walk on. I had expected it to be a small place, but it was quite large actually. We walked deep inside the mangrove swamp. 

A monkey breastfeeding her baby 

These two monkeys below were fighting with each other and one pushed the other into the water. I learnt that the monkey was able to swim, because in a short while, it managed to climb out of the water.

There’s a hanging bridge in the middle. 

Below the steps leading to the hanging bridge

A sign at the hanging bridge stated “Only 5 people allowed on this bridge at one time”, but the group of people behind us ignored the sign and the whole bridge shook. I was afraid that it might just collapse. It seem to take so much effort to walk to the other side, holding E’ hand as the bridge kept shaking. A bride in her wedding dress was having her photograph taken on the bridge too and waited for us to pass.

Daddy and S. There's a bride at the far end. 

We rested for awhile here while E played. 

We found a small building beside the mangrove swamp and it had toilets there. Temporary ones, I suppose, as there weren’t any signages whether it was a ‘ladies’ or ‘gents’.

I felt that it is such a nice place. I will be back to visit it again the next time I'm there. 

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