28.2.11: Foo Lin Kong Temple, Pangkor

I had booked a rental car for RM100 for a day. The car arrived at 9.30 am. It was a manual proton Iswara. The petrol tank was almost empty and the red light flashed continuously. Fortunately, the petrol station was not too far away and we pumped RM10 (unbelievable!) which the petrol pump attendant said was sufficient to make 3 trips around the island.  

Guided by the GPS, we drove to Foo Lin Kong temple on Pangkor Island. It was hidden inside some in a residential area, behind the houses. At first, we thought we were in the wrong place, and were thinking of turning back. Finally saw the temple. We were the only visitors there. 


Large joss ticks holders. 

E was slightly grumpy that morning, so we tried to change his state by getting him to play with this 'fishing line' at the front of the temple. It worked!


The entrance to the temple
There was a cement slide in the compound. The sides of the slides were slightly lower than the usual slide, and I was concerned that the boys might suddenly fall off. S would roll his old white toy car down the slide, then slide down himself. He played several times.
Grandma receiving him
After that we walked around the place. There were some birds there and a monkey pacing up and down a small enclosure. It seemed quite edgy and I felt pity for the poor monkey. It also looked like it had sores on its bottom. There was also a shrine hall with images of Chinese gods and goddesses here.  

We saw 3 large arapaima fish in this pond. These 2 below were so close, they look like they were rubbing their bodies together. Suddenly, the arapaima fish jumped, making a splash.

The mini 'Great Wall of China'

 S put his toy car inside this 'Great Wall' and pretend it was a racing 'track'.


We also saw many turtles here. 

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