27.2.11: Marina Island Jetty, Lumut

After visiting Taman Paya Bakau, we headed for Marina Island jetty. It’s a beautiful man-made island with a private jetty. There were 2 types of parking - covered and uncovered. Covered parking was slightly further from the complex and the rate was RM10 per day. The uncovered parking was nearer to the complex and the rate was RM5 a day.  

As it is a private jetty, I had to apply for membership to Marina Island first, by filling in a form and paying RM10 on the spot. I was then given a membership card. After that, I purchased the tickets for Pangkor. Adults: RM10 (2-way) and RM 5 for children 4 years and above (2-way). 

The ticketing counter in the background

The Ferry Schedule. It departs every 1 hour. Our ferry was very punctual. 

The scenery is breathtaking. The wind was very strong here. Notice the trees (and our hair), being blown one side. 

We had to scan our tickets (bar code) in a scanner at the jetty. Then, the door would open, and we had to walk through one by one and it would close quickly. However, the scanner’s door was too fast for E or maybe it didn’t detect him as he was less than 100 cm tall. He got bumped on the head twice when the door closed (once when heading to Pangkor, and the other when returning). I should have carried him, but I was already carrying 3 bags on me, and couldn’t have managed it. Luckily, he was fine. I would advise all parents of young children to carry them across the scanner or risk their children being bumped in the head. 
The scanner door would open and close quickly

We took some photos on the upstairs deck. 

Inside the ferry was air-conditioned. Notice the life vests all tied up and wrapped? Well, they didn't think it was necessary to use it. There was a nagging feeling in me, "what if anything should happen?" Fortunately, it was a short ride and we reached Pangkor Jetty in 10 minutes.

It was like, before we could sit down and enjoy the ferry ride, we had arrived at our destination. We alighted the ferry. At the jetty, we saw a large eagle flying magnificiently in the sky. 

When we arrived at the Pangkor Jetty, a group of people were waiting there, all looking at us. It felt a big strange that they were looking at us. When we passed them, they all held out their hands with a paper in it, and all spoke at the same time, and tried to promote their tour package to us. I was laughing in my heart. It seemed so funny. We walked past, ignoring them. We went to the taxi terminal and hopped on board a pink taxi to take us to the resort at Teluk Nipah. The taxi costs RM15, for a 20 minute journey. It was just around 6 km+ away. 

The roads were undulating, small and narrow, and the motorcyclists here do not wear helmets. 

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