25.2.11: Pasir Salak Historical Complex

After lunch, we were brought on a tour around central Perak by our new friends from PBHP. At around , after lunch, we left for Pasir Salak Historical Museum (Kompleks Sejarah Pasir Salak). The road was slightly congested near to the venue, as Malaysia's former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad was also visiting nearby and there were many people awaiting for his arrival.

We arrived at the Pasir Salak Historical Museum around 45 minutes later. There were hardly anyone there, and we seemed to be the only visitors there.

Background about Pasir Salak Historical Complex
Pasir Salak is of special importance in the historical development of Malaysia as an independent and sovereign nation in that it was here that the original flames of Malay nationalism can be said to have begun. The assassination of the the British Resident of Perak, J.W.W.Birch, sparked off a war between the British colonial administration and the Malays. Although the better-equipped British army prevailed, it is believed by many to have sparked the fire of nationalism leading eventually to the declaration of independence from British rule in 1957.
Source: http://www.perak.info/Perak_Tengah/Pasir_Salak_Historical_Complex.htm

Opening hours and fee

Map of the location

Look at that confident stride with the 'Let me do it myself' pose

We arrived at this 'hut' which had long strips of wood intertwined like a mesh. This is the ancient / traditional form of removing the husks from the rice - by jumping on this 'netting'. It's quite springy. S was afraid, as it had 'holes' and he could see the ground. He didn't want to go on it and had to be coaxed. On the other hand, E was fearless and kept jumping and jumping.

We then went to the Historical Time Tunnel in this complex.
A sundial clock
It showcased important historical events of the Malays and Malaysia which are exhibited through dioramas. It contained small figurines - dioramas re-enacting the past history in Perak and Malaysia. They were very beautifully done. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the place, so no pics :-( .  

There were many scenes depicting people fighting in battles and some were wounded or dead. They holding arrows, spears, guns, etc. S asked, "How come there's so much fighting?" and was advised by the uncles that fightning wasn't a good thing to do. Poor boy! Must have been confusing for him.

Group photo with our new friends from PBHP
After that, we visited a Malay kampung house nearby.

A traditional equipment used to remove the grain of the rice from the husks.

Various types of traditional Malay houses in in this place.

There was a river next to the historical complex and these boats were racing each other, in conjunction with the former PM's talk.

After that, we went to the building opposite - Galeri Sejarah Perak Darul Redzuan. However, it was not well maintained and quite stuffy as the aircond wasn't switched on. It showcased pctures of the previous MenteriBesar of Perak, including the briefcases they used. We exited the place as soon as we could.

I noticed that the people in Perak were quite friendly to each other, even among the different races and were seen greeting each other and shaking hands although they were strangers. Hardly something you see in Kuala Lumpur.

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