1.3.11: Gua Tempurung

We arrived at Gua Tempurung in Gopeng, Perak at 1.15 pm. We had not taken lunch yet and we were quite hungry, but decided to go ahead to Gua Tempurung first.

Gua Tempurung is Malaysia's largest limestone cave. We decide to take Tour 1 (Golden Flowstone), which was just 40 minutes, as this was the first time we brought the kids into a cave and didn't know how they would take to it.

We bought 6 tickets for adults at full rate and then I noticed a small sign pasted at the counter window pane that senior citizens (my parents) are entitled for a 50% discount. The cashier did not want to return us the fee we paid for senior citizens as she said that we had already paid for the tickets already. When I asked her why she didn't inform us, she rudely said in Malay, "It's already there for you to read." They don't offer to tell you that if you don't ask. Finally, after lots of negotiation, she relented and returned us our change. So, don't make the same mistake we did.

There was a guide to bring us in and show us around

There was a river flowing below. 
Cave window
Certain places, we had to climb up steps and down steps. Tour 1 was quite clean as we needn't get wet. The guide would point out certain stalactite and stalagmite formations on the roof and the wall of the cave and said that it looked like a certain animal, such as horse, dolphin, etc.S said that when he looked up at the roof of the cave, he saw googly eyes, and they looked like aliens to him. Nevertheless, he still bravely plodded on. It was quite humid inside the cave, and we were perspiring as we climbed up the steps. According to the guide, it took 2 years to build the steps in the cave.

Halfway, E got tired to climb up the steps to the top and Kong Kong had to carry him up
Walking to the exit
When we went down, there were a group of people in the river below. They had gone for Tour 4 where they need to wade in the water. We didn't not see any bats at all, which I felt was quite strange. Maybe it wasn't the season yet. 

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