16.2.11: Visit to Rimba Ilmu, University Malaya

Our HS field trip for this month was to Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden in University Malaya. It was led by 3 nature guides from Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

Herbs in the garden

I used to have the herb below in my garden. I must search for it and plant it again. It has a nice smell. 

E was interested in the green moss and touched it

They were more interested in catching grasshoppers
We came across a tree with a hollow trunk. This was the perfect time to show S the tree, as he saw a rotting tree with a hollow trunk on 'The Magic School Bus' on the internet and asked me about it.
The tree with a hollow trunk

An interesting plant. I guess it's some kind of fruit. 
After the outdoor tour in the Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden, we had a short rest in the waiting room. Then we went into the hall which was air-conditioned.

S telling the MNS coordinator about the butterflies that he saw in the National Science Centre Butterfly Garden.

We left earlier than the rest as the boys were tired. I understand that the older children were went to see the greenhouse. 


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