1.3.11: Segari Turtle Hatchery

The next morning, we left for the jetty in our rented car. We parked the car in front of the jetty car park, and left the keys in the rented car, as instructed. Then we boarded the ferry. It was just my family and another lady and her son in that boat. The ferry arrived at 8.00 am and we reached Marina Island about 8.20 am (It journey took slightly longer this time). After that, we stopped by Tesco Manjung to buy some food for breakfast.

Then, we left for Segari Turtle Hatchery. For several kilometeres, there were many swiftlets flying low in front of our car, as though they wanted to commit suicide. We somehow missed the signboard and the left turn in and drove straight on for a few kilometres, and then had to backtrack. Its location is so isolated.
It is actually called Segari Turtle Management Centre, Perak. 
Visiting hours
The compound inside. There weren't anyone there, except for one sweeper. 
There were small baby turtles. Their shells look dark and dull coloured.

Then, there were medium sized turtles. 

And then, there were large turtles. 

Turtle pond

The hatchery area. Visitors not allowed to enter without permission.

Pasir Panjang, the beach beside the turtle hatchery

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