2.3.11: Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011

We visited the Hari Kraftangan Kebangsaan 2011 which was held from 23 February to 7 March at Kompleks Kraftangan in Jalan Conlay. This is a yearly event, and the first that I've attended. I brought my parents there as well. The parking at Kompleks Kraftangan was full and we were asked to park at another car park opposite Seri Melayu Restaurant. There were shuttle vans ferrying people to and from Kompleks Kraftangan nearby. Normal parking fee costs RM8 and we were given free parking if we got the ticket stamped at the handicraft fair.

There were many interactive activities that visitors could try. Although we arrived at 10.15 am, and the workshops started 15 minutes earlier, there were already many schoolchildren there. There was a group of international school students who were at the clay area. I requested from the facilitator whether E could join in, and he arranged a place on the floor for him. The facilitator taught E how to make the base and the sides of the clay container. S later came in to help his younger brother.

Various types of wau
There were many different forms of weaving. 
Other craftsmen at work. 
There were many stalls selling handicraft items. 
Handicrafts for sale
Looking at the rattan lamp cover
We bought this  bamboo 'tu-wet' that E is holding that can make sounds to call birds.

According to this website, tu-wet is a hunting whistle and can produce a myriad of sounds by modulating the user’s thumb and palm. It is used to imitate bird calls and to signal a good hunt.

Copper cookie cutter / moulds. My mum bought some. She said that it is stronger and lasts longer than the normal ones. 
I also bought 2 of these straw hats for the boys at RM10 each

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