23.2.11: Playdate

N invited us to her house for a playdate. We were impressed by her treehouse in her garden. Wish we had one.

At first S was afraid to climb up, but he plucked up the courage to climb up the ladder into the treehouse.
There was even a swing at the bottom of the treehouse. E tried to sit on the swing but it was slightly high for him. 

Shannon brought some caterpillars and cocoons and wanted to distribute them to us. I wonder what the caterpillar would turn into. 

It was a huge caterpillar, the size of an index finger. 

N took a caterpillar and put it a container and covered with mosquito netting.

The boys tried out their new friends' toys. 

All four of us mums had a nice chat eating scrumptious food prepared by N, while overseeing the kids play. 

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