13.2.11: Colouring contest at MPH

We went to MPH Mid Valley for a colouring contest, just for fun and to give some exposure to the boys as they love colouring. They waited patiently for 45 minutes for the event to start....and read some books there.

After that, they got restless and I nearly changed my mind and wanted to go home. Then, the coordinator started the event and the boys sprang into action. The boys even lined up in a straight line upon the instruction of the coordinator to collect their colouring paper. Then the coordinators gave out the colouring pencils / crayons and a hard board to put as backing for the colouring paper. 

Some 'serious' contenders came in early and even brought their foldable tables and colouring materials. 

E showied off his 'completed' colouring to the coordinator. Never mind, that it looked messy and dirty - he was so proud of it. 

After S completed his colouring, we left the place, whilst the children were still halfway through their colouring.

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