10.3.11: Goldilocks and the three bears

Previously, I had read to the boys, the book "Goldilocks and the three bears". Today, I suddenly had an idea to turn it on a more interactive story where they could act out and learn the concept of sizes, such as big, medium and small.

We got 3 different bear sizes to represent papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. The boys also set up different chair sizes - large, medium and small. Then they prepared "bowls" of porridge with different sizes of spoon. E pretended to feed the bears porridge and acted out the story.

Then we used the different sized sofas for the bed - the large sofa for papa bear, the medium size sofa for mama bear and the small size sofa for baby bear.

They enjoyed it very much. From then on, I tried to do interactive stories where they can act out. This way, they learn a lot faster, as it involves their senses as well.

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