13.2.11: Karnival Wow Putrajaya 2011

After Nalanda, we headed for the Karnival Wow! Putrajaya in Putrajaya, since it's on our way back. There were many cars at the parking lot and parking was a challenge. We walked under the scorching sun towards the canopies and exhibition booth. There were many people there and, I believe most of them were residents of Putrajaya. 

The Sunway Petting Zoo was disappointing. So few animals and in cages too. It would be distressing for the aninmals, being inside the stuffy tent and under the hot sun, with many people around trying to pet them. Pity them. There was even a baby owl that looked quite weak in one cage which was covered in black cloth. I think  

We left that booth and visited the other booths. A policeman at the police booth allowed the boys to sit on their motorbike and take a picture. 

S wanted to sit in the racing car below, but they charge a fee for photograph. So we moved on. There was also an artist who drew caricatures. The green bicycle is an eco-bicycle and the red tomatoes were gigantic.  

The boys favourite vehicle - monster truck. I didn't know these were big boys toys and that there are adults playing these remote controlled monster trucks. 

The boys and their toys
We left the place quickly as we were short of time, and hurried on to Mid Valley Megamall, where there was a colouring contest. 

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