27.2.11: Teluk Intan Chinese Temple

After breakfast, we were brought on a short tour of Teluk Intan. First, we went to an old Chinese temple there, perhaps it was the oldest in the town as it was built in 1883. I didn't know the name as it is written in Chinese, but this site mentioned that it is called, "Hock Soon Keong" (Hock Soon Temple)

Background about Hock Soon Temple

The origins of the temple are unknown, while the main temple building (not the original one) was constructed in 1883, as indicated by a legend painted on the building. Hock Soon Temple was the centerpoint of all Hokkien Chinese in Teluk Intan during the British colonial era. The local Hokkien people would congregate at the temple to solve all problems, from giving aid to the poor to solving fights between clans. The local Hokkien people used to select three local Hokkiens, usually businessmen and famous men to settle their problems.


Goddess Kwan Yin
The building behind was turned into a building for swiftlets and we could hear the loud sounds of the birds chirping through their air. I was told that it was to attract swiftlets to come in and build their nest there.

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